Day 127 – Just Say Yes! (and a new rule to YES! Day)

Money spent: $25.  

Hair affairs: After yesterday’s diluted shampoo wash, it still looked gorgeous this morning! Didn’t even have to put it in bun/tale/braid! Since I started sleeping with a loose braid to keep my long locks from tangling, it had a great wave to it.

As I gulped down 16 oz of lemon water making faces that looked far from radiant, my phoned buzzed with delighted anticipation. I had high hopes for a message from a lover, a long lost friend, God even, to brighten up my morning… but it was my calendar reminding me that… today was a YES! Day.



Still a little worn and torn by my raging hormones, I figured the Universe was signaling me that drastic times call for drastic measures, and there was only one remaining remedy against my sad spirit of late: say YES!

To life and everything in it, and just goddamned fake some enthusiasm it if I had to.

Prior to handling yet another snowy morning combined with a rut, though, I sat down in meditation. For a good six minutes, but who’s counting? As I use Gabrielle Bernstein’s guided meditations, however, it can hardly be called a coincidence that today’s mantra was “I choose to see love instead of this” – and there you had it: my first genuine smile! And my first fruitful ‘YES!’ of the day.

Although I’m on a sugar low this week, I said ‘YES!’ to the free chocolate croissant a colleague brought as a treat this morning.

While I was microwaving my quinoa in the office’s kitchen, and the co-worker who came in to get some coffee stated that “it was a lovely day!” I replied a “YES!” that by then, I was almost starting to feel.

I said ‘YES!’ to 2 date proposals… also, I need to update my dating blog.

I was excited my friend responded affirmative to our plans into go see the Beatles for Free.

And by that, I mean the free exhibition “Ladies & Gentlemen: The Beatles!” at the New York Public Library at Lincoln Center. Unfortunately, I had not double-checked opening hours, and the library was closed by the time we got there. We’ll definitely try again, so we went for a glass of wine and some food instead. That was not free… BUT (and this is very exciting!) as we were discussing past and present events, one great side hustle idea emerged to the surface! I need to do some research before final reveal, but I’m saying ‘YES!!’

I exclaimed a loud ‘NO-NO!’ to the guy in our office’s laptop lounge who just came sitting too close, blocking me from all escape. I packed my stuff and went to sit elsewhere, because I can’t deal with idiots, even on a YES! Day. Personal Space is sacred, people!

And as I was resuming today’s YES! Day to my friend – one of the 3 people that know me and know of this blog – she added a new rule to YES! Day: for every ‘NO’ on YES! Day, you, my dear readers, can suggest a dare, and I have to do it.

So… one NO! today… suggest away, I’ll pick the best dare (note, however: I’m not doing anything that’s illegal or expensive… just to be safe here)


PS: I have nothing to add… looking forward to pick a dare! I think. 

19 thoughts on “Day 127 – Just Say Yes! (and a new rule to YES! Day)

    • ooooh!!! it’s going to be either buy a guy a cup of coffee, or give a guy my number.

      Yes! day just got lifted to a new level :)

      Yes! Summer sounds awesome! I have a friend who did a Yes! Fall when she just moved to NYC :)

  1. Your post reminded me of that “Yes Man” movie…funny stuff. I love the reminder that we should accept a lot of the things we stumble across in life. Yes is a powerful word. Cheers!

  2. I love the idea of a yes day!! It definitely has a more positive spin on it and you never know where the next yes will lead you. :-) As far as a dare, I dare you to give your number to a random cute guy you see today. Then you can blog about it on the dating blog. ;-)

  3. Well, why not coffee WITH your number on it! Or better yet, bring coffee over, sit down, and start up some random conversation. (I.e. London in the spring is my favorite! What is your favorite season)…

    • Hmmm… interesting take on things right here!
      I’ve been thinking about my dare, and want to finish it by the end of the month. I need to find a way to ‘prove’ I did it, too… so next week’s gonna be exciting! :)

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